Why Does It Hail So Much in Northern Texas?

What the Hail is Going On?

If you live in Dallas, Fort Worth or surrounding areas, you probably know that “everything is bigger in Texas” includes the hail. North Texas hailstorms are known to not only leave unforgiving dents in your car, but can even break out entire windshields.

Texas had the highest frequency of hail catastrophes than any other state from 1949 to 2006. And, according to the Insurance Council of Texas, 2016 saw the record high costliest hail damages in Texas totalling to $1.4 billion in repairs. There have been countless flight delays at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field due to hail-producing storms.

Hailstorms Across the Nation

Perfect Conditions for Damaging Hail in Texas

To answer why it hails so much in North Texas, we should review how hail is formed. Hail is a possibility in any thunderstorm, which occur in cumulonimbus clouds (also known as thunderheads). If the thunderheads are significantly taller than the freezing point, the clouds produce a strong updraft which leaves hail suspended longer, making it larger. Thunderstorms also require moisture, which in Texas is provided consistently from the Gulf Coast. With this moisture and unstable hot-and-cold and wet-and-dry conditions, springtime hail is inevitable.

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