How Much Does Hail Repair Cost With PDR?

After hailstorm damage, the first question you probably ask yourself is this

How much is it gonna cost to fix my car or truck?

And it’s a question that might not have a clear answer – that’s because the cost of your hail repair depends on the following factors:

  • Type of metal (Steel or Aluminum)
  • Thickness of the metal
  • Location of dents on the vehicle
  • Diameter and circumference of the dents
  • Depth and dimension of the dents
  • Condition of the paint on the vehicle
  • Access to the backside of the dents

The best way to get a 100% accurate assessment of the damage done is to book an appointment with Dent Headquarters. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and give you the total number of dents as well a total cost for the repair.

Call (972) 848 -1000 to book your hail damage appointment today!

Also, it’s important to know the exact, 3-step process that happens when you report the damage to your insurance provider AND the tricks they’ll try to pull…

1. You file a claim with your insurance company (online or by phone).

2. A claims adjuster will be assigned to your case to assess the hail damage, which could take days or even weeks.

3. The insurance company will tell you where to take your car for repair, putting you at the back of a long line of others in the same situation as you.

Now, there’s a better way, and it’s one the insurance companies won’t tell you about. If you want to skip all the hassle…

Then here’s the perfect plan to get your vehicle back on the road in no time…

The Dent Headquarters Hail Damage Solution

Instead of the steps listed above, here are the REAL 3 steps you’ll want to take…

1. Bring your car to Dent Headquarters for a hail damage assessment.

2. File the claim with your insurance company.

3. And let us take care of the rest.

When you file your claim, be sure to tell them that the damage is all over the car and that it’s NOT safe to drive…

This process gives you several advantages…

  • A brand new rental car from Dent Headquarters
  • A superior repair in less time
  • No waiting on a claims adjuster – they come to us for the assessment
  • AND peace of mind knowing that your car is in good hands

The insurance company will try to steer you to a specific repair shop, but remember that…

You Have Rights with Insurance Companies and Your Shop of Choice!

You have the right to choose any shop you’d like to repair your car. END OF STORY.

The reason that insurance companies try to dictate where your repairs are done is because they have special deals with these repair shops… and that special deal is all about money and certainly NOT for your benefit. Those shops…

  • Use inferior, aftermarket, and junkyard parts because it’s more profitable
  • Will take FOREVER to complete your repair
  • Work at below-market labor cost because of the volume delivered by the insurance company
  • Have lower quality technicians because they can’t afford to pay more
  • Don’t have to care about reviews because of the endless stream of insurance clients

On the other hand, Dent Headquarters knows what’s important to you. That’s why we give you…


Most hail damage repairs take 2-5 days to complete


Our technicians are the best in the business and we only use top of the line parts


A free loaner car you’ll take when you drop your vehicle with us


Our work is guaranteed for the lifetime of your car


We cover the cost of your insurance deductible


We aim for 100% satisfaction on every hail damage job done

When hail damages your car, you deserve a solution that truly works in your favor…

You deserve Dent Headquarters.

Call (972) 848 -1000 to book your hail damage appointment today!