Steps to take if your automobile has been damaged by hail

What to do if your car or truck has been damaged by hail?

1. The Checklist

Print and complete the AUTO HAIL CLAIM CHECKLIST. Click HERE to download the form (Adobe Reader required.)

2. Call your Insurance Company

The insurance company's claims department toll-free telephone number should be listed on your Proof of Liability insurance card you keep in your vehicle.Be prepared to provide the insurance company with the following information: Policy Number, Year, Make, Model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your Hail Damaged Vehicle(s), Date and approximate time of the Hail Storm, Address or Nearest Cross Streets where damage occurred, and finally the area of vehicle that was damaged (Usually all over the Vehicle). Your insurance representative will generate a claim number associated with the hail damage loss. If they don't offer to give you a claim number, ask for one. This number is crucial for repair facilities and rental car companies.Ask your insurance representative if you have rental car coverage on your policy. If you do, ask how many dollars per day the policy will pay usually from $20 to $50 per day. If you don't have rental car coverage on your policy don't worry, Dent Headquarters has corporate accounts with rental car companies and we assist you with your rental car expenses.

Your insurance company will usually do one of the following:

  1. Schedule a time for one of their appraisers to come look at your damaged vehicle(s) at your home or work.
  2. Schedule a time for you to come to one of their facilities so they can appraise the damage. The insurance company may ask you to meet them at another body shop. Don't worry; this is just to get the damage appraisal written – by law you may choose the shop of your choice to repair your vehicle, it is against the law for them to tell you where to get your car fixed
  3. Meet you at the repair facility of your choice to appraise the damage.
  4. On extremely rare occasions, ask you to have the repair facility of your choice to appraise the damage and fax it to them.Regardless of the method; once you have a copy of the initial insurance estimate you can move on to Step 3.

3. Call Dent Headquarters

Call Dent Headquarters toll-free at 214.289.6792 to schedule your car in for repairs or you may just drop off your damaged vehicle along with a copy of the insurance estimate.If you need a rental car while your vehicle is at Dent Headquarters for repairs then proceed to step #4. If you don't need a rental car, Dent Headquarters will be more than happy to give you a ride to your home or work.

4. Call Rental Car Company of Choice

You may call the rental car company yourself to reserve your rental car or you can ask a Dent Headquarters Representative to assist you.