Tip #1: How To Removal Hail Damage Dents From Hood & Roof

Tip #1: How To Removal Hail Damage Dents From Hood & RoofTip #1: How To Removal Hail Damage Dents From Hood & Roof

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Hey, this is Jay, Dent Headquarters, and we get a lot of questions by a lot of people that are trying to learn how to do dents.

How do you get started? The first thing to do is get a hood off of a car – this one came off a Mercedes Benz.

Usually, there’s a big giant blob of a dent that you can’t fix.

What we do is take the hood, strap it down to a hood stand.

Get yourself a golf ball because you’ve got to create dents to actually work on that are manageable.

To do this, put the golf ball in a wet chamois because the chamois’ not going to scratch the hell out of everything [SMACK] excuse my French. and just add a few little small dents.

What we are looking for is dime-sized dents and you can do as many as you want. You can do 100, you can do 5, you can do 10. Then we always take a marker and circle the small tiny dents.

This panel happens to be aluminum so it’s a little harder to work on so I’m not going to put a million dents on it right now, I just want to put a few. Then we can grab a tool, slide it under, and start practicing on this hood.

Another question we get asked a lot is, “Well Jay that’s great for hoods but how do you remove dents on roofs of cars?”.

You wait until you get a car that the insurance company has written R&R or remove and replace, but you can’t just remove the roof off of the car and put it onto a hood stand because the roof gets all mangled when you’re separating it from the car.

You’ve got to basically get the person your training to come over and put the dents that you need on the roof, just like we did on the hood, circle them up, have your trainee train on the live car and then when the technician is done with the rest of the vehicle, then the roof has got to come off of the vehicle and the trainee has to stop.

You can go ahead and add as many dents on the roof just as you did on the hood but remember that the roofs going to be coming off the car and when it comes off, it’s not going to be usable to practice on anymore.

OK, so that’s your dent tip #1 on roofs and hoods from Dent Headquarters…signing out, this is Jay. Thank-you.

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