About Auto Hail Repair

National Automobile Hail Catastrophe Services

Dent Headquarters is the nation’s leading provider of professional auto hail damage repair, offering a full range of automobile hail catastrophe services. Dent Headquarters is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating. All of our state-of-the-art PDR facilities are insured for YOUR protection.

Dent Headquarters specializes in auto hail damage repair and have been EXCLUSIVELY offering this services for over 25 years, we have perfected the art of dent removal caused by damaging hail storms. We work with ALL insurance companies. All Dent Headquarter auto hail damage repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

We also know how to take care of our customers.

Free Mobile Appraisals

If your vehicle has been damaged in a hail storm, one of our damage specialists can come to you for a damage inspection and appraisal. This can be done before or after you contact your insurance company and file your hail damage claim. If we do the appraisal BEFORE the claims adjuster provides you with their Free Vehicle Inspections, you can make sure that all of the hail damage is accounted for. Oftentimes, an insurance adjuster will miss areas of hail damage. Because Dent Headquarters specializes in auto hail damage repair, we know how to look for and locate ALL hail damage. If you contact us AFTER the insurance adjuster inspects your vehicle and we discover hail damage that was overlooked, one of our PDR customer services representatives can help you file for a supplement. Supplements are intended to pay for “hidden” damages.

We Pay Your Deductible on Auto Hail Damage Claims*

At Dent Headquarters, you don’t have to worry about paying any money out of pocket. If you bring your hail damaged vehicle into one of our PDR shops, we will pay for your deductible. Auto Hail Damage is considered to be a “Natural Disaster.” If you have full-coverage insurance for your vehicle, your insurance company should pay for all damages – excluding the typical $500 – $1,000 deductible.

Free Loaner Car on Paintless Auto Hail Damage Repairs*

While your vehicle is being repaired at one of our state-of-the-art PDR facilities, we will take care of setting you up in a loaner car. Some insurance companies do not cover the cost of car rental while your vehicle is in our shop. If car rental is NOT covered in YOUR insurance policy, we will provide one for you on us.

Free Pickup and Delivery

Once you have scheduled your PDR appointment with Dent Headquarters to repair your hail damage, we will send one of our customer service representatives out to pick-up your vehicle for repairs. If you need a rental car, we will bring it to you when we do the pick-up. Once your vehicle has been repaired, it will be delivered to your home or office. We will also pick-up the rental car! If you prefer, you can also deliver and pick-up your vehicle from our shop.

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