Major Carrollton Auto Hail Damage – Can It Be Fixed With Paintless Dent Repair?

Who Do I Call To Repair My Hail Damage?

For vehicle owners who have never had auto hail damage, their first instinct is usually to call a Conventional Auto Body Shop.

In the past, Conventional Auto Body Shops were basically your only option for dent repair.

Conventional Auto Body Shops specialize in collision and crash damage where the only option for 100% restoration would be to either replace the panel entirely or repair the panel using old-school conventional auto body techniques.

Conventional Auto Body Repair

Repairing a dented panel in a conventional auto body shop would entail drilling a hole into the dented panel and then using a “dent puller” to pull the dent out. The technician might also get behind the dent and attempt to push the dent out and then use a hammer to reform the metal. Then a body filler similar to spackling paste is spread onto the damaged area to hide and fill-in the irregular spots in order to make the area smooth.

The next step is to sand the body filler spackling paste (aka: “Bondo”) to a smooth finish. Finally, the repaired panel is painted to match the original color of the vehicle.

This conventional repair will appear satisfactory to the human eye, however, technically speaking, the dent was never really removed completely, it was just hidden from your view and buried under body filling spackling paste then painted to disguise it from your view.

So, is it possible to repair hail damage using Conventional Auto Body Shop repair methods? Yes, of course, but is this the best way to completely remove your hail dents without hiding imperfections with Bondo and paint?

Absolutely NOT!

Carrollton Paintless Dent Repair Method For Auto Hail Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) uses highly skilled and specially trained technicians utilizing state-of-the-art tools to completely remove auto hail damage by perfectly flattening the metal back to its original form without the need to disguise imperfections using body fillers and paint.

Insurance Companies Prefer Paintless Dent Repair

Insurance companies prefer Paintless Dent Repair techniques to fix auto hail damage. It is cheaper, faster, better and will not damage the paint.

Dent Headquarters specializes in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) techniques and we have perfected the art of auto hail damage removal caused by damaging storms. We work with ALL insurance companies and in most cases, we can waive your deductible up to $500 on complete hail claims.

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