Choosing a Dent Removal Company

3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Dent Removal Company

The 3 E’s of Paintless Dent Repair

With so much auto hail damage in Northern Texas and so many dent removal companies to choose from, it’s hard to decide which paintless dent repair shop is the most qualified and reputable to do your auto hail repairs.

In this article, we will touch on the 3 most important things to consider before hiring a dent removal company. Something we like to call “The 3 E’s.”

1. Personal Experience(s).

In the paintless dent repair world, the experience is the number one important factor to research before hiring. PDR, or paintless dent removal, hasn’t been a viable dent solution technique until just recently. When we say “just recently,” we mean been around just over 50 years. Many vehicle owners have never even HEARD of this dent repair technique let alone had any personal experiences with PDR. In Northern Texas, heading to a paintless dent repair shop for auto hail repair has almost become a yearly ritual. This brings us to the personal part of the experience. One way to check for experience is to hit up your friends, family, and co-workers. Referrals say a lot about a company. If someone has had an excellent experience with a paintless dent repair company, they are more likely to send you their way. If you are on the app “Next Door,” this is another great resource when looking for a referral. Another way to check a dent removal companies experience is to look at their online reviews – namely Google business and Facebook. Why? Because these are still the 2 most commonly used online outlets for leaving and reading reviews. We all know that we usually only leave a review if the personal experience was notably outstanding or awful.

2. Technician Experience.

It is VERY important that a paintless dent repair shop owner hire only the BEST paintless dent repair technicians.

Highly Experienced PDR Techs = Top-Notch Repairs = Repeat Business & Referrals.

This is the research your paintless dent repair shop has done already but something you the consumer needs to consider as well. Just like any other business in the service industry, a “bad job” can make or devastate a “Personal Experience.” This goes double in the dent removal industry. One little mistake can result in a complete panel replacement. This is not only a costly mistake but something that should NEVER happen with an experienced technician.

This is the part of the article that might be confusing. Experience doesn’t always mean quality in the paintless dent repair world. Some people are simply not cut out for the art of vehicle dent removal. Ask any good PDR technician what paintless dent repair is and they will tell you it is an art. Pushing out a dent takes patience, skill, talent, and determination. In other words, just because you are holding a paintbrush means you are an artist.

3. Ownership Experience.

How long has the shop been in existence? Is it a brand new shop that seemingly just “popped-up” after an infamous Northern Texas hail storm? Checking how long any business has been in existence is as easy as visiting the Better Business Bureau. The business might not have claimed their listing and paid to become an “accredited” business but you CAN see their “business started” information. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we suggest you check out this article about how to determine a business’s legitimacy.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about how to choose a reputable paintless dent repair shop. If you need more information or have additional questions, give us a call at (214) 289-6792.

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