Windshield, Glass And Mirror Replacement

Expert Auto Glass Replacement – Hail Damage

One of the most common forms of damage your automobile may suffer during a hailstorm is broken glass in your vehicle’s windshield. At Dent Headquarters, we offer COMPLETE hail damage repair services. Unlike most Paintless Dent Repair shops, Dent Headquarters takes care of all damages – not just the dents. We can provide you with replacement windshields, back glass, mirrors and windows for your car, truck or SUV. We replace any broken glass quickly and correctly, preventing leaks around window seals or further damage down the road. We promise to get the job done right the first time.

We want to be your trusted one-stop shop for auto hail damage.

At Dent Headquarters, we offer glass repair services for:

Insurance Claims for Hail Damaged Windshields

Hailstorms are part of nature. We are often asked if glass breakage from a hail storm will be covered by their insurance policy. In the event of a hail storm, with comprehensive auto insurance, all types of glass breakage in your automobile is covered. Additionally, a glass replacement claim is considered a “no-fault” claim and will not make your insurance premium go up.

Damaged windshields should always be inspected as soon as possible by a certified technician.The trained professionals at Dent Headquarters can diagnose if a damaged windshield needs to be replaced or simply repaired. Contact the auto hail damage EXPERTS at Dent Headquarters to schedule your free, no-obligation, on-site estimation.

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