Upload Detailed Photos to Get the Most Accurate Estimate Possible


Properly documenting the damage is key. Make sure the pictures you take of your vehicle’s damage have good lighting and are taken from angles that allow to clearly see the magnitude of the dent, scratch, bump, or crash. With good images you’re helping us make the estimate more accurate and fair for your wallet so please make sure the photos are as clear and detailed as possible.

Photos Required:

• Interior, Vin Tag & Mileage
• Every damaged part (far away and close up)

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By submitting a photo estimate request, I (the vehicle owner) understand that the estimate provided by Dent Headquarters is only for my information and might not be completely accurate. This is a non-binding estimate and should not be used to set up a claim with an insurance carrier, or should not be used in pursuit of any reimbursement. A complete estimate can only be provided once the vehicle is at our repair facility, the damaged area is completely disassembled, and all the damages are exposed. Dent Headquarters reserves the right to charge a fee for any services provided (including estimate and assessment) at their discretion.